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Dev Sportsday

16 May 2015

I used to be fast in primary school. I know this because every year luke addington and adam frompton and I would battle it out for first place in the 100m sprint, and more times than not, i won. Or at least thats how i remember it.

In secondary school i was prity decent at 100m, 200m, cross country, and long jump. I didnt win everything by any means, but as part of sparta house, i competedin the relay and eared my part of our collecteive achievements.

However, weather you competed or not, won or lost, for one day a year everyone got to ahve a jolly good day in the sun.

So talking about these day in the pub the other night, i was thinking, dev sportsday.


What would it be?

Let me be really clear, in that this is 100% vapourware, just in my head, no work done at all yet.

Probably some basic athletics events, 100m, 200m, etc maybe some fun stuffs lobbed in, egg & spoon, sack race, threee-legged race. But this will all be decided later on (see below)

Basicly just have fun for an afternoon and then finish up in the pub or possibly in a curry house to hand out some completely silly awards.

Why devs?

Obviously there is nothing specific about this event that would require you to be a developer or technicaly biased in any way, but thats what i do, there is a great comunity of folks who do stuff, and, well you gotta start somewhere.

OK sounds like fun - When and where?

Maybe a park if were keeping it mega simple, if tehre is enough interest and support to orgainse thenmaybe try and find a sschool or some such that would let us play in their place for a saturday.

Sooooo what do you need me to do?

Get in touch. Thats it so far. Just let me know if you like the idea, and would consider attending.

links are on the main page, twitter is probably the best bet, but if your feeling fancy then you can PR this post with some spelling corrections or whatever :)

If you are super keen and want to help organise it, well great, cos i really want to do this thing, but i am in no means good at organising and have no feelings of ownership over the thing so you will be able to help as uch or as little as you like.

Anyway, thanks for reading, i reckon it could be fun, and im hopping that some folks will get in contact with me, show some interest, and between us we can make it happen.