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Dive torch upgrade project

10 Aug 2011

A little while ago I started to look into upgrading my UK400 scuba diving torch. The current model has a halogen bulb that I would like to replace with an LED.

So far this is what I have.

There are two seperate power supplies. One for DCin to 3v3 which will act as power for the digital electronics and the other for DCin to 45V which will the the 'high voltage & high power' rail for the LED. datasheets for relivent parts are attatched for those interested, and ill add full circuit diagram etc when everything is finalised.

PIC16F193.pdf Download this file
Max15007_3v3.pdf Download this file
CREE_1305819-_LED.pdf Download this file

LM2733_-_boost_conv.pdf Download this file