Dont Panic



04 Apr 2011

Winding RFCoils it seems requires a level of accuracy not normally associated with such manufacturing processes. 

My current manufacturer's bread and butter is transformers, for which they provide a great service with the ability to wind huge power transformers using wire up to 1cm in diameter. However as i have recently found out the hard way when it comes to low value inductance coils even tighter control of the manufacturing process is required. As i eluded to in my previous post small changes in pitch over the length of a winding can increase capacitance which in turn will affect the resonance of an LCR system using this coil. The way to overcome this it seems is with much tighter control of all aspects of the coil winding.


This is the latest solution


a wire guide which gets so close to the forma that the wire can be would with a pitch less than 1/2 mm uniformly for the entire length of the coil. This uniformity helps increase the overall performance of the coil in an LCR resonating system.